1917 Franklin 8 Cents Stamp olive bistre scott 508

Here we’ll have a look at a 1917 Franklin 8 Cents Stamp olive bistre. Its scott catalog number is 508 and as you can see it is used with the cancellation mark being in the bottom right hand side. Benjamin Franklin called Philadelphia, Pennsylvania his home.  He  and his wife are buried there at Christ Church Burial Ground where visitors place coins on his grave to pay homage to the  great American Forefather known for his quote: “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.”   One of his earliest accomplishments is The Pennsylvania Gazette Newspaper which after purchasing did such a good job with it became the premier paper in the early American colonies.

See our 1917 Franklin 8 Cents Stamp olive bistre:

1917 Benjamin Franklin 8 Cents Stamp olive bistre scott 508

Perangko kuno delapan Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1917 di depan bergambar Benjamin Franklin.

To see our 1948 Phildelphia mint Franklin Half Dollar click here.

1936 Buffalo Nickel US 5 Cents Coin

This posting will be about a 1936 Buffalo nickel coin. See the pictures of this US 5 cents coins below.

1936 Buffalo Nickels US 5 Cents Coin
On the front has a striking image of a Native American, facing to the right. Who the model was perhaps may never be known but there has been a lot of claims. The designer James Earle Fraser claimed his design was influenced by 3 American Indians.  There were over 119 million of these minted in the Philadelphia mint in the year 1936.  Buffalo nickels were made from 1913 until the year 1938.

Uang logam koin kuno 5 lima cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1936

The grade of our 1936 Buffalo Nickel appears to be fine.

Uang logam koin kuno 5 lima cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1936.

1917 5 Cent George Washington Blue Stamp Scott 504

In this posting we have a 1917 5 Cent George Washington Blue Stamp Scott 504.  There was a number of these printed north of 2 and a half billion in fact. It was used commonly for the Universal Postal Union international rate among other things.  George Washington is known as the “man who would not be king.”   While he could have easily seized power at the end of the American Revolution,  believed in the Republic and chose not too.  His immense character also lead Washington to not seek a third term of President of the United States of America which he could have feasibly done.

1917 5 Cent George Washington Blue Stamp Scott 504

Perangko kuno 5 lima Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1917.

1915 Australia Shilling Coin

In this entry we see a 1915 Australia Shilling Coin.  On the front if it has  King George V of the United Kingdom and British Empire who in this year was badly injured when falling from a horse.  This coin is made of sterling silver and has on its reverse a H mint mark which designates that it was struck in Heaton in London UK.  There were 500,000 of these coins minted in Heaton in the year 1915.

Check out the reverse side with Australia’s coat of arms, take a look  below.

Our opinion of the grade of this 1915 Australia Shilling Coin is very good.

Koin perak kuno satu shilling dari negara Australia tahun 1915.

1964 Greek 20 Lepta Coin

This post is about a nice 1964 Greek 20 Lepta coin which is comprised of the metal aluminum.  The front has a wreath with a crown on tip and the reverse an olive branch.

1964 Greek 20 Lepta Coin

The grade of this 1964 Greece 20 Lepta KM 79 appears to be uncirculated and has a fair share of mint luster, please go ahead and have a look at the pictures.

Lepta is plural for Lepton and was 1/100 of the former currency of Greece know as the Drachma.  It is known in relatively recent times for its use in aluminum Greek coins though the term was also used in Ancient Greece coinage.

Koin kuno 20 dua puluh Lepta dari negara Yunani tahun 1964 aluminium terbuat aluminium.


1927 8 C US Postage Stamp Block of 4 Stamps Ulysses S. Grant

Here in this posting we will discuss a 1927 8 C US Postage Stamp Block of 4 Stamps which features Ulysses S. Grant.  He himself was an honest man, his Presidency stained by the dishonest who were around him.  History more fondly remembers his resolve as a Patriotic Union General to bring down the Confederates and end the American Civil War which he he had success in doing.

1927 8 C US Postage Stamp Block of 4 Stamps Ulysses S. Grant

1927 8 C US Postage Stamp Block of 4 Stamps with Ulysses S. Grant has not been used and belongs in a serious stamp collection.

Perangko kuno delapan cents empat keping dari negara tahun 1927 di depan bergambar adalah Presiden Amerika Serikat yang kedelapan belas.

1960 Silver 20 Greek Drachmas Coin

This post is on a 1960 Silver 20 Greek Drachmas Coin. The front of it has King Paul of Greece who held the title from 1947 until 1964.  He was known for his role in preventing communism from taking hold in Greece.  This coin is made of 83.5 percent silver.  The reverse of it has Greek mythology goddess of the moon Selene.  There were 20 million of these coins minted in the year 1960.

Our 1960 Silver 20 Greek Drachmas Coin has seen circulation and looks like its grade is fine or better.  Its a nice coin for those that like to collect silver coins from around the world.

1960 Silver 20 Greek Drachmas Coin

Koin perak kuno dari negara Yunani tahun 1960.

Koin perak kuno Yunani 1960

1866 US 5 Cents Shield Nickel

This post is about a 1866 US 5 Cents Shield Nickel.   The US mint director during this time was James Pollock who found that the fractional currency was so unpopular that it was a good idea to produce a 5 cent coin made from nickel.  What is very interesting is that previously Pollock wasn’t too keen on using nickel as it wasn’t easy to strike coins in.  The front of it displays a shield with  wreaths on each side and on the top we find a cross at the top.  The top legend says: In God We Trust whose origins are rooted in the American Civil War and increasing religious sentiment at the time. The Secretary of the Treasury of the time who was Salman Chase was contacted by many Americans with their concerns.  This prompted Salman Chase to ask for the addition of “In God We Trust” to be added to American money which took life first on the 2 cent coin issued in 1864.

The reverse side of this coin is shown below and has the denomination with 13 stars  and “United States of America” appears at the top.  This coin was produced in the Philadelphia mint.

5 Lima Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1866

Koin nikel koin 5 Lima Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1866.

Falkland Islands Half Penny Stamp King George V Era

This post will highlight a Falkland Islands Half Penny Stamp from King  George V Era.  This stamp was made sometime between 1911 and 1928.  The Falkland Islands became a British Colony  in the year 1833 and is today a territory of the United Kingdom.  Its name was derived earlier from the naming of a waterway in 1690 when Captain Strong visited the area.  Spain had a force on the islands that it removed in the year 1811.  A brief war ensued in 1982 between Britain and Argentina over the islands.

Falkland Islands HalfPenny

This collectible stamp is mint unused and it appears to be fine or better.

Perangko kuno setengah Penny dari negara Kepulauan Falkland bergambar di depan Britania Raja George V.

1944 India Half Rupee Silver Coin George VI

Here we are going to talk about a 1944 India Half Rupee Silver Coin. On its front we see a crowned George VI King of the British Empire who also held the title of Emperor of India.  He served in the Royal Navy and saw action during WWI seeing action at the Battle of Jutland (against the German Navy).

1944 India Half Rupee Silver Coin George VI

The reverse side is below and it displays the denomination as well as the year.

koin perak kuno India

This 1944 India Half Rupee is 50 percent silver and appears to be a grade of extra fine.

Koin perak kuno setengah Rupee dari negara Ingriss tahun 1944 di depan bergambar Raja George VI.

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