Roman Soldier Cameo Cuff Links

In this post we’ll have a look at wonderful set of Roman soldier cameo cuff links.  Notice the wonderful attractive and strong looks of these modern vintage (20-25 years old) pewter and silver-tone cuff links.

These can look great with formal or casual dress wear.  Perfect for wearing to the office with a sharp suit or to a nice dinner with a nice dress shirt or many different occasions.

The condition of these cufflinks appears to be excellent with  no real signs of wear on them.  They make a fine compliment and accessories in a man’s wardrobe.



mens fashion cufflinks


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Beautiful Cocktail Ring with Faux Ruby Center and Cubic Zirconia Accents

In this entry we have a beautiful modern vintage (20 to 25 years old) cocktail Ring with faux Ruby Center surrounded by cubic zirconia stones.  This is perfect addition to a costume jewelry collection  and good for use in many instances including a night out, party, special occasion etc.

The metal is silver tone or in other words silver plated.  The center stone is a faux ruby cut in the princess shape and the sparkly stones around the edges are cubic zirconia (which are small and round in shape).  The overall condition of this costume jewelry cocktail ring appears to be excellent with no real apparent signs of wear.

The dimensions of this ring’s face are 2.22 cm by 2.22 cm.  This ring’s size is 6.

 Ring with Faux Ruby


costume cocktail ring

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1933 Panama Half Balboa

In this posting we are going to discuss a topic of the 1933 Panama Half Balboa silver coin.  It can be seen in the photos below.  On  the front or obverse side at the top it has the denomination of Medio (Half) Balboa.  There is an image of Vasco Nunez de Balboa who was an early Spanish explorer (in the 1500s) that discovered the land then that is now called Panama.  On the reverse it has the name of the country: Republica De Panama above it’s coat of arms  and below which is the year of 1933.  Also the silver fineness (ley) of 0.900 and the weight of 12.50 grams are also struck on it.  This coin had a mintage of only 120,000 in 1933.

Check out the pictures of our 1933 Panama Half Balboa below, its grade looks like choice very fine.

Koin perak kuno setengah Balboa dari negara Panama tahun 1933.

1933 Panama Half Balboa

Koin perak kuno  Panama

Black Enamel and Rhinestones Ciner Style Vintage Necklace

Here we will have a look at a beautiful black enamel and rhinestones Ciner style vintage necklace.  It has gorgeous details with panther cat style heads encrusted with sparkling rhinestones.  Notice its beautiful gold tone segmented look with deep rich looking black enamel.

It has a fold over clasp closure.

This wonderful quality piece  is not signed but any designer but definitely has a Ciner look to it.

Its condition is excellent.

Sold Terjual

Black Enamel and Rhinestones Ciner Style Vintage Necklace


Kalung antic berlapis emas dan cat halus glazur.



1893 British 6 Pence Silver Coin with Image of Queen Victoria

Here in this posting we will discuss a 1893 British 6 Pence silver coin.  On the front or obverse side we’ll observe there is an image of Queen Victoria of Great Britain.  She became Queen starting in the year 1837 and was so until passing away in 1901.  She also held the title of Empress on India starting in 1876 which she also held as well until 1901.  The reverse side of this coin has a crowned wreath going around the denomination with the date below.  It is made of sterling silver and there were just a little more than 7 million of them struck like this  in 1893.


Our 1893 Britain 6 Pence appears to grade good.


Koin perak kuno 6 nam Pence dari negara Ingress tahun 1893.

1893 British 6 Pence Silver Coin with Image of Queen VictoriaKoin perak kuno 6 nam Pence dari negara Ingress tahun 1893

1958 Switzerland 1 Franc Silver Coin

In this post we have a 1958 Switzerland 1 Franc Silver Coin seen in the pictures at the bottom.  On the front we find an image of the female figured representation of Switzerland known as Helvetia.  On the reverse we see the 1 Franc denomination as well as the year the coin was struck.  There is a wide wreath that goes around the year and denomination just under the rim of the coin.  Now this one Franc coin is made from 83.49 percent silver and there were 3.58 million of them made in 1958.

Our 1958 Swiss 1 Franc Silver Coin has seen little in the way of circulation.

Koin perak kuno 1 satu Franc dari negara Swiss tahun 1958.

1958 Switzerland 1 Franc Silver CoinKoin perak kuno 1 satu Franc dari negara Swiss tahun 1958.

1927 Mercury Dime

The topic of this post will be a nice 90% silver 1927 Mercury Dime US 10 cents coin which you’ll find in the pictures below.  On the front side is Lady Liberty wearing a winged cap (which is also a symbol of freedom) .  On the back is a depiction of a fasces as well as an olive branch which supposedly are symbols of unity, justice and peace.   As one may have guessed this coin’s design has influence stemming from the ancient Romans.

This 1927 Mercury Dime was made in the Philadelphia mint (which produced  28,080,000 of these that year).  Its grade appears to  be in almost uncirculated.

Koin perak kuno sepuluh 10 Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1927.

1927 Mercury Dimekoin perak kuno sepuluh 10 cents 1927

1988 S Quarter Proof Ultra Cameo

This post is about a 1988 S Quarter Proof Ultra Cameo.   It was struck in the San Francisco mint.  At has 1st US President George Washington on the front who liked to eat pancakes with butter plus honey for breakfast.  It is also of note that he had a very basic education and never went to college.  After the American Revolutionary War Washington had considerable power perhaps enough to make himself an emperor but believed strongly in and embraced the ideals of a republic.   The back of this coin has the American eagle with talon around a group of arrows with an olive branch (formerly used on the US Quarter for decades).

See our  1988 S Quarter Proof Ultra Cameo coin below.

Koin kuno dua puluh lima Cents dari negara Amerika tahun 1988.

1988 S Quarter Proof Ultra Cameoultra cameo US quarter

1916 Barber Dime

This post will be about a US 1916 Barber Dime 10 cents struck in the Philadelphia Mint (no mark mark).  On the front of this ninety percent silver coin is an picture of Lady Liberty with the date below and the back has the “ONE DIME” denomination surrounded by a wreath.  These coins were made from 1892 until 1916 so this example is the last year they were produced (as well as the first year the Mercury Dime was struck).  There were 18,490,000 of these coins made this year 1916 in the Philadelphia mint.

Take a look at our 1916 Philadelphia Barber Dime in the pictures below, its grade looks very good.

Koin perak kuno sepuluh Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun year 1916.

1916 Barber Dimebarber4

1915 Cuba 20 Centavos Silver Coin

This post will be about a 1915 Cuba 20 Centavos silver coin (see it in the pictures below).  On its front is a coat of arms with a wreath around it below which is the denomination of the coin : Viente Centavos.  The name of it’s country is on the front side below the top rim.  Now on the back in the center there appears to be an image of a star beaming light.  Around the rim is written 5g (referring to the weight in grams) and the year 1915.  This coin is 90% silver.

Our 1915 Cuba 20 Centavos silver coin has considerable wear and looks like a good grade.

Koin perak kuno dua puluh Centavos dari negara Kuba tahun 1915.

1915 Cuba 20 Centavos Silver Coinkoin perk kuno Kuba