1.62 Carat Diaspore Gemstone

In this post we have a great 1.62 carat diaspore gemstone.  View it in the photographs underneath.  Its coloring is quite interesting with yellows, greens and what appears to be light brown. The gem has a natural color shift to it.  Diaspore is a mineral that was discovered way back in the year 1801 but actually hadn’t seen applications in jewelry until recent decades.  Apparently jewelers never really started cutting its in a gemstone fashion until the 80s.  Often people associate the word Zultanite with it, which is a brand name for Diaspore that comes from a particular mine in Turkey.

Diaspore’s hardness is 6.5 to 7 on the Mohl’s so its alright to use in a ring.  In fact it could be a nice addition to a gold ring that could perhaps even include highlights of diamonds.  All in all Diaspore is an impressive gemstone with color change properties that should capture the curiosity and appreciation of any one that likes gemstones and jewelry.