10 Austria Groschen Coin 1997 Koin Kuno 10-Sepuluh Groschen Dari Negara Austria

The topic of this posting will be a 1997 ten Groschen coin from Austria (Osterreich).  As one will see in the photographs below it appears to be in uncirculated condition.  Mint luster is full and this is one of the last years these were made as the Euro went into full effect in 2002.  In any case it is made from aluminum and is 1.1 grams in weight.  The diameter measures 20 millimeters and there were 80 million of these made in the year 1997.   Looking at the obverse, it has the Austrian Eagle at the top of it and the denomination is to it’s sides.  Below that is name of that country.  On the back is simply the year as well as the value of this 10 Groschen coin.

The Groschen was a unit of the former Schilling currency in the country of Austria.  The Schilling currency when is use was divided into one hundred Groschen.

Koin Kuno 10-Sepuluh Groschen Dari Negara Austria tahun 1997