100 Greek Drachma Coin from 1992 Uang Logam dari Negara Greece Seratus Drachma

The 100 Drachma coin from Greece was produced in 1992, in fact we have a picture of one that we have in the images at the bottom.  On the obverse is a portrayal of the face of Alexander the Great.  He is the most famous Greek leader of all time and was one of the most successful conquerors in history.  His military strategies were brilliant.  So much so that Alexander was able to defeat Persian armies that were several times the size of his own.  The back of this 100 drachma coin 1992  has an impression of what appears to be a sun as well as the year and the value.  The weight of it is 10 grams and it’s diameter measures 29.5 millimeters.  It’s metal composition is the metal aluminum as well as bronze. Our particular Greek 100 Drachma coin has not seen much in the way of circulation; it appears to be in almost uncirculated condition.

Uang logam dari Negara Greece seratus Drachma tahun 1992.

100 Greek Drachma Coin from 1992100 drachma coin 1992