1000 Francs France Banknote Old Currency P-134A from the Year 1955

Here we will take a look at an old French banknote from the year 1955 in the denomination of 1000 Francs.  Please refer to the bottom of the post to see images of it.  Its catalog number is P-134A.  On it’s obverse as well as reverse side are pictures of Cardinal Richelieu.  Not only was he a religious leader but he also had a profound effect on France (and Europe) politically serving as minister under King Louis XIII.  He also contributed to the French language and has had sites and warships named after him.

This old paper money currency 1955 French 1000 Fancs banknote appears to be in very fine condition.

Uang Kertas kuno Seribu 1000 Francs dari negara Perancis tahun 1955.


1000 Francs 1955 P-134A

uang kertas kuno perancis