1856 French Centimes Coin Koin kuno Antin Langka Dari Negara Perancis Tahun 1856

The history of the French Centime coin goes back a couple of hundred of years to the time of Napoleon (the first).  One hundred centime (or cents in English) equals 1 French franc.

See a 1856 French Centimes coin that we have in the images following.  It has on its obverse a picture of Napoleon III Empereur of France (ruled form 1852 until 1870 and was grandson of Napoleon I).  The back side of this coin has an eagle standing on a perch and the words: Empire Francais Cinq Centimes.  This coin is made of bronze and there were approximately 19.14 million of these made in 1856.  This particular one that we have is in fine condition.

Barang langka dan jarang koin antik kuno berumur lebih dari 150 seratus lima puluh tahun duit logam jaman dulu tahun 1856 koin berasal dari negara Perancis koin Cinq 5 Centimes Empire Francais Napoleon III Empereur 1856, koin ini bener-bener antik sangat langka dan sudah jarang bisa ditemukan lagi, hanya beberapa orang beruntung saja yang bisa memiliki koin langka ini.