1858 Flying Eagle One Cent Penny Rare Collectible Coins Koin Kuno 1-Cent Flying Eagle Uang Logam Antik Tahun 1858 Dari USA

1858 was the third and last year that the Flying Eagle penny was struck.   On the front it has an eagle in flight while the back of the coin has the words “One Cent” surrounded by wreath of symbols of agriculture like corn, wheat etc.  The mint made 24.6 million of these coins in Philadelphia in the year 1858.  John Longacre is the designer of the Flying Eagle cent.

There are 3 variations of this coin including small letters (the A and M in America are not joined) large letters (A and M are joined) and the most valuable known as the 8 over 7.   The 8 over 7 is detectable by looking at the number eight in the year closely for the remains of a former seven.  Also an eagle wing chip on the end is another indication.

See pictures of a 1858 Flying Eagle penny below.  This one cent piece should grade good or G4.

The Reverse side a US 1 cent from back in 18581858 US Flying Eagle PennyThis is the back of a Flying Eagle Penny One Cent Coin The Front a 1858 American Penny Flying Eagle One Cent

Mata Uang Asing Dari Negara Amerika Serikat Uang Logam Koin kuno koin  EAGLE Koin antik unik langka dan jarang koin eagle koin paling banyak dicari dan dikoleksi oleh para pencinta pengkolektor koin uang kuno dari berbagai Negara , Koin unik ini bergambar burung Elang-Eagle bird lagi terbang diproduksi di kota Philadelphia pada tahun 1858 sudah berumur sangat tua sekali, kondisi lumayang masih bagus , silahkan bisa anda lihat difoto yang telah kami pajang ini.