1863 Patriotic Civil War Dix Tokens American Tokens Koin Logam Token John A Dix Bersejarah Amerika Serikat Tahun 1863

In the year 1863 when the American civil was going on there were tokens produced that were patriotic.  These were not made by government mints but rather by private entities.   Perhaps the most well-known among them is called the Dix token.  They got their name from a noteworthy politician of that time (John A Dix) that famously said when addressing an officer in charge of bringing cutter boats from New Orleans to New York: “If anyone attempts to haul down the American flag shoot him on the spot.”  His name today honors the army base in New Jersey: Fort Dix.

The front of the 1863 civil war patriotic dix token is adorned with the American Flag (in the middle) with 13 stars around it.  The following words are engraved: “This is the flag of our Union.” On the back is written:  “If anybody attempts to tear it down shoot on the spot.”  These words go in a circle around the name of the man that inspired them: Dix. So below we are lucky to have 5 specimens of this particular copper token from the year 1863:

1863 civil war patriotic dix token

5-lima keping Token Kuno Token antik koin logam token bersejarah Amerika Serikat token jaman peperangan di Amerika Dix Token pembuatan untuk tahun 1863 didepan bergambar Bendera Amerika dengan 13-tiga belas gambar Bintang dan dibelakang token bergambar tulisan besar “DIX” dan  bertuliskan “Sebuah kutipan patroitic dari seorang politisi terkenal di USA yang bernama John A Dix ” Kondisinya bisa anda lihat di foto-foto yang telah kami pajang ini, Apabila anda berminat untuk menbeli token koin ini silahkan anda bisa menghubungi e-mail kami langsung di butikmewah@gmail.com Thank you , Terima kasih,