1876 A German States Prussia 2 Marks Deutsches Reich Zwei Mark

Here we will talk about a Deutsches Reich Zwei Mark German States Prussia 2 marks from the year 1876.  On its obverse or front side has an image of Kaiser Wilhelm I who was the first emperor of Germany.   He together with his President Otto von Bismarck (a skilled statesman) united most of the German States into one empire.  Wilhelm (William) was at a young age an officer in the Prussian Army and fought against Napoleon.   The back or reserve side has an image of a crowned imperial eagle.    It also has the year and “Deutsches Reich” which in English means German Empire.  At the bottom is the denomination: “Zwei Mark” (2 Marks). This coin was struck in the Berlin mint which is designated on the front side with the “A” mint mark.  It is made of 90 percent silver and has .3215 ounces of the precious metal in it.

Check out our 1876 A German States Prussia 2 Marks in the photos below.

Koin perak kuno dua Marks dari Negara Jerman Serikat tahun 1876.


German silver 2 marks 1876koin perak kuno dua 2 marks Jerman Germany