1894 Hungary Ten Filler Coin Koin Kuno Hungaria 10 Filler Tahun 1894

Here we will talk about a 1894 Hungary 10 filler coin.  There were 49.463 million of these produced in 1894 and their composition metal is nickel.  On the obverse or front of this coin is what appears to be a royal crown.  On the top of it are the words: Magyar Kiralyi Valtopenz.  This means Hungarian royal money of exchange.  During this time period it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire but struck its own coins.  The back has the 10 Filler value surrounded by a wreath.  This coin’s weight is is 3 grams.  Our example in particular would grade very fine.

1892 was the last year that the Austro-Hungarian Empire used the Gulden as its currency.  It then switched to the Krone which was a necessary step to going onto the gold standard.  This 1894 coin that we have was a subunit of the Krone (100 of which would have equaled one krone).