1903 P Barber Dime Silver 10 Cents Coin

In this post we will examine 1903 P Barber Dime Silver 10 Cents Coin.  This one was made in the city of Philadelphia where 19.50 million were struck in that year (including 755 proofs).  It has on its front an impression of Liberty designed by Charles E. Barber.  He was chief engraver for the US mint for many years and designed this coin was well as the quarter and half dollars named after him.  Barber was also in contention to create the next generation 10 cents piece (which became the Mercury Dime) but lost the competition to Adolf Weinman.  In any case the back of this coin has a wreath with the denomination in the center.  It is constructed out of 90 percent silver or is .07234 ounces of the precious shiny metal.  This 1903 P Barber Dime in particular has seen a lot of use and would grade along the lines of about good to good.

Koin Perak kuno dari negara Amerika Serikat uang logam perak pecahan One Dime yang berarti pecahan sepuluh cents tahun 1903 bergambar wajah nyonya lady Liberty.  Kondisi bagus.

1903 P Barber DimeKoin Perak Kuno negara dari Amerika Barber Sepuluh Cents Tahun 1903