1904 Silver Barber Half Dollar Coin

Here we are going to examine a 1904 silver Barber half dollar coin.  It is composed of 90% silver and 10 % copper.  It has no mint mark so we know that it was struck in Philadelphia which produced 2.992 million of this type of coin in 1904.  On the front of this half dollar is an impression of the face of liberty.  The design belongs to long time US mint engraver Charles Edward Barber (who has credit for many other US coin designs as well).  The Barber half dollar enjoyed a relatively long production life of 24 years and today are usually valued at a premium above their precious metal content especially for fine or better grades.

Please check out our 1904 silver Barber half dollar coin in the photographs below.  It has a lot wear and appears to grade good.

Koin perak kuno setengah dollar dari negara Amerika tahun 1904.