1908 Silver US Barber Quarter Coin (Denver Mint)

Here we have a 1908 Barber Quarter from the Denver mint which made 5.788 million of these that year. This coin has .1808 of an ounce of silver in its composition which is 90% of it and the other percent in case you are wondering is copper. This one which can be viewed in the proceeding images is in good condition, the date is readable as well as mint mark but the “Liberty” on the obverse head band is not.

The silver Barber Quarter started being made in 1892 and was around until 1916 when it was replaced with the Standing Liberty.  This coin was designed by Charles E. Barber who was the Chief Engraver at the US mint at the time.  He was chosen for this job after a contest was held for an artist to take on the task but the mint wasn’t happy with any of the submissions.  In any case the front of the Barber Quarter has a impression of Laby Liberty’s head with a cap and olive branch.  The reverse side is a heraldic eagle.