1910A Silver Germany Prussian 3 Marks Drei Mark

In this entry we will be examining a 1910 90 Percent silver (has .4823 ounce of the precious metal in it)  3 Marks coin from Germany.  It is a German States issue from Prussia.  on its obverse or font side is an image of the last king of the German Empire: Kaiser Wilhelm II who abdicated his throne in 1918 at the end of World War I.  This coin possesses the A mint mark on its obverse indicating it was produced in Berlin.  The back has a picture of the German imperial eagle.  There were about 5 and a half million of these made in 1910.

Check out our 1910A German three marks Prussia in the photos which appears to be in a grade of extra fine and is a nice collection piece.

Kuno perak koin tiga Marks dari negara Jerman tahun 1910.

1910A silver German States Prussia 3 Marks coinkoin perak kuno Jerman