1911 Silver Barber Quarter Coin (Philadelphia Mint)

See the pictures below for a 1911 Barber silver quarter that was struck in Philadelphia.  There were 3.72 million of these coins struck in that mint in 1911 including 543 proofs.  This Barber Quarter would likely be graded as very good after doing some grading research (Im not a professional grader).  I looked at some pictures of other examples that were pro graded to come to this conclusion.  Examples like this are a cost effective choice for those that want to purchase old (in this case over 100 years old) US silver coins.

Barber Quarters were first produced way back in 1892 when after some searching for a designer the mint chose its own engraver (Charles Barber) for the task.  They do contain .18084 ounces or 5.12672776 grams of the precious metal silver and the other 10% of the composition is copper.  There total weight is 6.25 grams and their diameter is 24.3 mm.