1912 Saxony Albertine 3 Marks Silver Coin

In this entry we will look at a 1912 German States Saxony Albertine Drei 3 Marks Silver Coin.  It is composed of 90 percent silver.  This coin has a picture (on its front) of Friedrich August III who was the last monarch of Saxony who relinquished his throne on his own when Germany lost World War I.  The reverse side has the crowned German imperial eagle symbol used at that time.   This coin was made in the Muldenhuttne mint (E mint mark) There were approximately 378 thousand of these struck in 1912.

Please see the pictures of our 1912 German State of Saxony Albertine 3 Marks Silver Coin  in the pictures below.


Koin Perak Kuno 3 tiga Marks dari negara Jerman tahun 1912.

 3 Marks silver coinDSC02733-300x225