1914 US 10 Dollar Bill Very Fine Grade Currency Note

On this page we have an old US America 10 Dollar bill currency note from 1914.  This was made when paper money from the United States was larger in size and often these are called “horse blankets.”  The banknote has been graded very fine 20 NET by PMG (Paper Money Guaranty).  It does have a little bit of damage in the top left corner.  This currency note was produced by the Federal Reserve in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  On the front of this 10 dollar bill is an image of 7th President of the US, Andrew Jackson.  The reverse has 2 images, the one on the left represents agriculture while the one on the right industry.

Uang kertas kuno sepuluh 10 Dollars dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1914.

10 dollar