1914 US American 20 Dollar Bill Federal Reserve Note Grover Cleveland

Here in this posting we have a nice old 1914 US 20 Twenty dollar bill.  On its obverse is Grover Cleveland who was the not only the 22 US President but also the 24th.  He was the only President to have spilt terms like this, losing the election in the middle.  This old American paper money is a large sized bill (horse blanket) which eventually was replaced by smaller currency bills in the 1920s.  The reverse side has a picture of an old steam engine train and boat.

Our 1914 US 20 dollar bill appears to be in a lower very fine grade and is a very collectible old currency note.


1914 US 20 dollar bill

old US money

uang kertas kuno Amerika 20 dollars

Uang kertas kuno dua puluh dollar dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1914  bergambar mantan President Amerika bapak Grover Cleveland.