1915 D Barber Quarter

Here we are going to talk about a 1915 D Barber Quarter which can be observed in the pictures at the bottom.  This coin has a metal composition of 90% silver and 10 percent copper.  It features Lady Liberty (as per designer Charles E Barber) facing to the right side with “In God We Trust” above her, stars to her sides and the year (1915 in this case) at the bottom.  In the second picture below you’ll notice the D (for Denver) mint mark below the eagle’s tail feathers.  There were 3.694 million of these made in Denver in 1915.

This 1915 D Barber Quarter appears to grade very good.


1915 d barber quarter


Uang logam koin perak kuno 25 dua puluh Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1915 tarbuat di bahan sembilan puluh persen perak dan sepuluh persen tembaga.