1917 Germany Lindenberg Stadt City Notgeld 50 Pfennigs

This post will be about the topic of a German notgeld (emergency money) 50 Pfennigs (denomination).  It was produced by the German city of Lindenberg im Allgäu (located in Bavaria) in the year 1917.  On its front side there appears to be a picture of a medieval soldier on both sides of which are 50 for the denomination of this money.  The back or reverse side has what appears to be a picture of an old church located in Lindenberg surrounded by a fancy frame.  Also on the bottom of the reverse side is when this money was printed: 1 August 1917.

This 1917 notgeld 50 Pfennigs looks like it is almost uncirculated in its grade.

Uang kertas kuno lima puluh Pfennings dari negara Jerman kota Lindenberg.