1921 Belgium 25 Centimes Coin Koin Tua Jaman Dulu Uang Tembaga 25 Cen Dari Negara BELGIA

We will be talking about a 1921 Belgium 25 Centimes (Belgie) coin.  On its front is a crowned pattern with a hole in its middle.  To the left of this is the word: Koninkrijk (Dutch for kingdom) and to the right Belgie or Belgium in English. The back has an image of budding twigs and to the right is the denomination. This coin is made out of copper and nickel.  There were 11.173 million of them struck in 1921 in the Dutch version and there were more than 7 million in French as well. This example we have in the display below is in very fine condition.

The Centime went into use in Belgium in 1832 after independence from The Netherlands.  In their early years they were silver which was changed to copper and nickel in 1860.

Belgium 25 centimes

25 Cen Koninkrijk uang logam tembaga koin tua jaman dulu mata uang dari Negara BELGIA-BELGIUM-BELGIE- Belgique koin kuno tua antik dan unik bolong berlubang ditengah-nya ini dicetak pada tahun 1921 depan koin bergambar lambang Kerajaan dan dibelakang koin bergambar tangkai bunga tunas ranting. Uang logam koin ini terbuat dari bahan tembaga dan nikel, Kondisi silahkan lihat difoto, Jual koin kuno Untuk harga silahkan kontak , Teima kasih,