1921 Italian 10 Centesimi Old Coin Uang Logam Perunggu Koin Kuno Sepuluh Centesimi Dari Negara Italia

We are going to talk about a 1921 R 10 Centesimi Italian coin here.   Photos of it can be found at the bottom of this post.  The front of this coin has an impression of Vittorio (Victor in English) Emmanuel III who was the King of Italy from the year 1900 until his abdication in 1946.  He was of the House of Savoy which was dissolved as royals of the Kingdom of Italy upon a public vote in 1946.  The back side of this coin has an image of a honey bee on a flower.  It is made out of bronze, weights 5.399 grams and there were 66.510 million of them made in 1921.  The grade is perhaps very fine.


10 Sepuluh Centesimi Uang Logam Koin Antik Kuno Tahun 1921 Dari Negara Italia, Koin logam tua terbuat dari bahan Perunggu-Bronze ini bergambar image Raja Italia yang bernama (Victor) Vittorio Emmanuel III dan dibelakang koin bergambar bunga dan lebah madu, C 10 1921 VITTORIO-EMANUELE  RE D’ITALIA, Kondisi sangat BAGUS gambar-nya masih timbul dengan jelas….Lihat foto-nya dibawah !!!! UNTUK HARGA CALL, SMS, ATAU E-MAIL, THANKS….