1921 US Morgan Silver Dollar Coin

The Morgan Dollar is easily the most well known circulated $1 coin ever produced in the USA.  Some of the rare key dates are worth a fortune.  A few examples of those would include 1889 CC, 1895 proof and 1893S especially when speaking in uncirculated terms.

1921 was the last year that the United States Morgan Silver Dollar was produced.  They were made in all 3 mints including Philadelphia which produced 44.69 million of them, Denver 22.345 mil and San Francisco with 22.695 million struck.  These high number make 1921 a common date though they still are a worth a premium over their spot price (they have .7734 ounces of silver in their content).  Bear in mind that the reason that Morgan’s were made in 1921 after 17 years of non production was the Pittman act.  This allowed America to melt coins and sell Great Britain the silver (which they were in need of) and at the same time replace that stock with new coinage.

We have an example of a 1921 Morgan from Philadelphia in the photographs proceeding.  I would grade this coin as almost uncirculated AU 53.

1 dollar us