1922 Belgium 50 Centimes Koin Kuno 50-Lima Puluh Centimes Dari Negara Belgia

In this entry we will discuss a 1922 Belgium (or Belgique in the French Language) Centimes coin.  The front side has an image of a woman with a sword down on 1 knee.  There is also the name of the country above between 2 stars.  The wounded woman could be a representation of damage sustained to Belgium during WWI.  The back side or reverse has the words: Bon Pour 50 CES (which basically means in English that this is good for 50 centimes).  Also the back has the year as well as stars around the rim.  There is also picture of a caduceus, which originated in Greek mythology as Hermes carried a staff in this form.  In modern times it is sign of trade, negotiation and more.  This 1922 50 Belgium Centimes coin is made from the metal nickel and has a weight of two and a half grams. Our 50 Centimes from Belgium coin is in the photos below.  This particular example of ours appears to have some mint luster and be in almost uncirculated condition.


Uang logam koin kuno 50 lima puluh centimes dari negara Belgia-Belgium tahun 1922 koin logam ini terbuat dari bahan metal nickel-nekel dan berat sebesar 2 dua setengan gram dengan kondisi mendekati kesempurna almos UNC,