1923 French Francaise Republique Indochina 1 Cent Coin

In this post we will discuss a 1923 French Francaise Republique Indo-Chine 1 cent coin.  See pictures of our example in the photographs at the bottom of this posting.  It is holed in the middle and its constructed out of bronze.  Its diameter is 26 millimeters and there were 35.524 million of these struck in 1923.  On the front side is an impression of a statue as well as the value of 1 cent.  The back or reverse has four Chinese symbols and the name of the former country.  This coin appears to be in a fine condition.

Francaise Republique Indo-China was a former colony inside of the French Empire that existed in the years 1887 until 1954.  The currency of this country was the French Indochinese piastre and the cent was its 1/100 sub division.