1923 German Stadt Trier 1000 Marks Banknote Overprinted with 500000M

In this posting we will explore a German 1000 Marks banknote from February 1923 that was later overprinted on as 500000 Marks in July 1923.  This shows how dire the  hyperinflation situation was in Germany at the time as the authorities there were trying to inflate themselves out of the war debt from WWI.  In the end the currency failed and was replaced by the Rentenmark in 1924.  In any case our overprinted banknote appears to have been a city issue as the top of the obverse says Stadt Trier or the city of Trier in English.  The old 1000 denomination is crossed out and there is overprint saying: Gültig Für 500000 M Fünfhunderdhausend Mark (which in English would translate as valid for 500000 Marks).  This bill is predominately in brown print with various patterns.

See our 1000 Marks banknote overprinted with 500000 M below.  It has minimal wear, is crisp and has with a couple very slights fold in one corner.  It would likely grade as a lower extra fine or higher very fine.

Uang kertas kuno seribu 1000 Marks dari negara Jerman tahun 1923. Uang kertas yang unik error salah cetak terlalu over berlebihan cetak dibelakang nya manjadi 500,0000 M alias Mark