1923 Germany 10 Million Marks Zehn Millionen Mark Banknote Old Currency

Here we have a German 10 Million Marks banknote produced in the year of 1923.  This was the year that papiermark (which was the currency of the Weimer Republic was wiped out and replaced with the rentenmark (or stabilization currency).  This note has a date of  August 22, 1923 on it below which one will notice the 2 Reichsbank direktorium seals with eagles.  This banknote note is uniface which was not uncommon for paper money from Germany during this era.  This was likely done as an efficiency measure due to hyperinflation pressures on this currency.

See our 1923 10 Million Marks in the picture underneath.  It appears that this banknote saw very little circulation.





Uang kertas kuno 10 Sepuluh Juta Marks dari negara Jerman tahun 1923.