1923 Germany Railroad Authority Deutsche Reichsbahn 10 Million Marks

On this post we will a highlight a 1923 Germany 10 million marks note.  This one is particular was printed by the German Railroad Authority (Deutsche Reichsbahn) at the time.  It may seem odd that such an institution would print money but at the time there were severe  inflationary pressures in Germany.  This particular note has purple and gold colors to it and has an image of winged wheel.  There is print only on one side as the back is blank (not unusual for many German issues of 1923).

See pictures of our 1923 Germany Rail 10 million marks in the photos below.  It is crisp, no stains, folds, writing, pin holes etc.

Uang kertas kuno sepuluh juta marks dari negara Jerman tahun 1923.

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