1923 Italian 2 Lira Error Coin Koin Kuno Dari Negara Italia 2-Dua Lira Uang Logam Langka Koin Error

The currency known as the Lira was Italy’s for over a hundred years (1861-2002) though this money existed prior to the unification of that country.  The coins of this currency have used various metals including silver and gold.

Take a look at the 1923 Italian 2 Lira coin we have in the pictures below.  32.26 million of these were minted.  Its composition metal is nickel and its weight is 10.07 grams.  On it obverse is an image of Vittorio Emanuele III (who was king of Italy from 1900 until the year 1946).  The back is a fasces (bundled sticks with a blade) and value.  This 2 Lira coin is in very condition as has the presence of a planchet error.  Look closely at the right hand side of the front and back.

Koin Lira Koin Logam Kuno ERROR mata uang Dari Negara Italia 2-Dua Lira Uang Logam Langka Dan Error sewaktu percetakan-nya. Uang logam antik tahun 1923 berambar wajah Raja Italia yang bernama “VICTORIO EMANUELE III” RE D ITALIA, BVONO DA LIRE 2. Kondisi sangat bagus, hanya ada goresan-goresan tanda Error dipingir-nya. HARGA MURAH HANYA RP 400 RIBU RUPIAH.