1923 Polish 20 Groszy Coin

In this entry we will feature a 1923 Poland 20 Groszy coin.  This money is made from the metal nickel and has a weight of 3 grams.  There were other coin issues with the date 1923, one of which is made brass and weighs 4.5199 grams.  The other Polish 20 Groszy coin with the year 1923 on it is one made from zinc and was in fact made in years 1941-1944 during German occupation.  This 1923 Polish 20 Groszy coin in the images below has a diameter of 20 millimeters and has that country’s coat of arms (crowned eagle) on its front side.  The reverse of it has its value inside of a wreath design.  This one in particular appears to not have seen any circulation.

The main currency unit in the country of Poland is the Zloty (translates into English as Golden) and its history goes way back to at least the Renaissance time period.  It divisional unit has been the Groszy for several centuries though it has not always to set to a 100 to 1 Zloty ratio like it is now.