1923 US One 1 Dollar Bill Silver Certificate

This posting will be about a 1923 United States of America One Dollar bill silver certificate.  This old currency bill is of the old size note variety (commonly nick named horse blanket) as it’s size is a bit larger than the small size notes started in 1928 and used today.  On the front of this bill is George Washington, 1st President of the US and commander of the 13 colonies in the American Revolutionary War to gain freedom from being part of England’s Empire.  Other features of this note that are interesting are the large blue treasury seal as well as the big blue 1 Dollar on the front right side.  The back has this paper money’s denomination.

Check out the pictures of out 1923 US one dollar bill in the photos below.

Uang Kertas Kuno 1 satu Dollar dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1923.