1924 Indian 1 Anna Coin Koin Kuno Dari Negara India

Here we have a 1924 India 1 Anna coin that was made in the Mumbai mint.  On its obverse is a crowned King George the V who was King of the British Empire and Emperor (which is struck into the top of it) of India.    He was a naval officer that became direct heir to the throne when his older brother Edward passed away from pneumonia.  On the back side of this coin is an ornamental design that has the denomination in the middle below which is the year.  It is made out copper/nickel and there were approximately 17.285 million of them made in 1924.  This example we have has seen its fair share of wear and would perhaps grade very good.

The Anna is a historical unit in India’s currency history.  When it was used 16 of them would equal out to 1 Rupee.  Some Anna coins had silver in their content and others copper.

Koin kuno antik jaman dulu dari negara India satu Anna tahun 1924 bergambar Raja George V.