1926 Silver Standing Liberty Quarter (Philadelphia Mint)

During the roaring 1920s in America the Standing Liberty was being produced by the US mint.  It like other quarters in the US was 90 percent silver (that is until 1965)and has .1808 ounces of the metal in its makeup.  This coin was the brain child of Hermon Atkins MacNeil who also was the creator of part of the sculptor work on the Supreme Court building.  The work is known as the  the Justice The Guardian of Liberty.  Mac Neil was American and from was born in the state of Massacheusetts.

Check out a 1926 Standing Liberty silver quarter coin in the pictures following.  It has Lady Liberty on its front standing and the model used to inspire this image was Doris Doscher (who was an actress and model).  The back of the coin is a creative impression of an eagle in flight.  This coin that we have is in about good condition.

silver standing libery quarter coin

eagle in flight back of US coin

American Standing liberty silver 25 cents

the back of a US coin from 1926