1927 Austria 1 Groschen Coin

This entry will be about a 1927 Austria 1 Groschen coin.  It can be viewed at the bottom of this post.  On its front side there is an image of an eagle with the name of it’s country (Osterreich which is German for Austria) as well as what appears to be a crown above its head.  The back side has the denomination as well as the year it produced. This Austrian coin is made from bronze and is light weighing just 1.6 grams.  There were a number of these made in 1927 with 15.9 million struck.

Our 1927 Austria 1 Groschen coin appears to be in very fine condition.  The Groschen was a divisor of the former currency in Austria known as the Schilling.  It was discontinued in the year 1999 as the Euro went into effect.

1927 Austria 1 Groschen Coinuang logam satu Groschen dari negara Austria

Koin kuno satu Groschen tahun 1927 uang logam terbuat dari bahan tembaga, berat seberat 1.6 grams. dari negara Austria.