1927 Canadian Nickel 5 Cent Coin

See the picture of a 1927 Canadian Nickel or 5 cent piece that we have following.  This coin has George V, King of the British Empire on its front.  Under his reign Britain’s influence grew world wide while other Eurpean powers did the opposite (especially after WWI). The design of the obverse was from Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal who was an Australian sculptor.  The reverse of this coin has an image of a maple leaves as well as the value and date.  It was desigend by WHJ Blackmore. This 5 cent pience is made out of the metal nickel and its total weight is 4.6 grams and in 1927 there were 5.285 million made.  After examination this coin would be considered almost uncirculated and has some value to it.

The history of the 5 cent piece in Canada goes back to 1858 when it was a small silver piece.  Its current version came into play in 1922 when the use of the metal nickel was initiated.