1927 Mercury Dime

The topic of this post will be a nice 90% silver 1927 Mercury Dime US 10 cents coin which you’ll find in the pictures below.  On the front side is Lady Liberty wearing a winged cap (which is also a symbol of freedom) .  On the back is a depiction of a fasces as well as an olive branch which supposedly are symbols of unity, justice and peace.   As one may have guessed this coin’s design has influence stemming from the ancient Romans.

This 1927 Mercury Dime was made in the Philadelphia mint (which produced  28,080,000 of these that year).  Its grade appears to  be in almost uncirculated.

Koin perak kuno sepuluh 10 Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1927.

1927 Mercury Dimekoin perak kuno sepuluh 10 cents 1927