1927 S Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin

The Mint decided to implement a new design for the American 50 cent piece (replacing the Barber coin) which started in 1916 and is referred to as the Walking Liberty half dollar.  It is ninety percent silver having .36169 ounces of the precious metal and the other 10 % is copper.  Adolf Weinman won the job to design the coin and this was when the Secretary of the Treasury at the time was considering letting Barber have this task.  In any case this design was not easy to get right and perhaps a reason why it is so highly regarded.

Below in the following pictures we have a silver Walking Liberty US half dollar minted in San Francisco (see mint mark on reverse).   This coin has seen it use and would grade good.  The lettering is still highly readable as well as the date and the denomination.  For inquiries, questions or to ask about anything we have on our site email butikmewah@gmail.com.