1927 Standing Liberty Quarter Silver Coin

The United States mint made Standing Liberty quarters in the years 1916 through 1930 with a one break year: 1922.  These are made in 90% silver and have .3617 ounces of the precious metal. Hermon A. Mac Neil gets the credit for the design though he had to make a couple revisions before the mint accepted.  The obverse side has Lady Liberty standing with a shield raised and holding an olive branch (a symbol of peace) in her left hand striding through a gate in a wall.  Notice her head faces to the right to the direction of Europe (where WWI was going on when the Standing Liberty Quarter was first struck in 1916 ).  She has her shield raised all of this indicating she wishes to secure peace. Above her is the word liberty and she divides the phrase “In God We Trust.”  The back of this coin shows an eagle in flight.  The mint mark on these is actually on the front side next to Liberty’s left foot, except when from Philadelphia where no mint mark is displayed.  There were 11.912 million US Standing Liberty quarters struck in the year 1927 in the Philadelphia mint.  Take a look at a 1927 Standing Liberty Quarter silver coin in the following images.  This coin has some wear on the eagle’s wings but its better than the average and would grade very fine.  Feel free to email butikmewah@gmail.com for the price or questions.


1927 Standing Liberty Quarter

Koin perak Quarter Dollar dari Amerika tahun 1927

the obverse American quarter 1927

koin perak kuno 1927 liberty


Koin perak Quarter Dollar dari Amerika tahun 1927.

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