1929 Dutch 1 Cent Coin

In this post here we have a 1929 Dutch 1 Cent Coin. Please check it out in the pictures below.  On the front is written: Koningrijk Der Nederlanden which in English is Kingdom of the Netherlands.  At the bottom is the date and in the middle is a version of the Dutch coat of arms which has a lion wearing a crown and holding a sword in one paw and arrows in the other.  On the back is the denomination surrounded by a wreath.  This 1929 Dutch 1 Cent Coin is made out of bronze and had a mintage of 20 million in that year.

This coin we have here looks like an extra fine grade.

Koin kuno satu Cent dari negara Belanda tahun 1929 tarbuat dari bahan perunggu.

Kondisi EF Extra Fine

1929 Dutch 1 Cent Coin


Koin kuno satu Cent Belanda