1929 US 5 Dollar Bill National Currency Banknote

In this posting we will have a look at a 1929 US National Currency 5 dollar banknote.  This was one of the last years that these were made and this one in particular came from The National City Bank of New York.  Upon examination of the top of the front of the bill one will notice that it was backed by US bonds deposited in the Treasury. Also notice that the seal to the right of President Lincoln is a reddish brown color.  This National Currency Banknote note bears a design similar to the US Notes of the time with Lincoln on the front and his memorial on the bank.  This wasn’t true of earlier versions which featured President Benjamin Harrison.

Have a gander at our 1929 five Dollar National Currency banknote in the photos below.  An examination of its condition reveals a very fine grade.

Uang kertas kuno 5 lima dollar dari negara Amerika serkat tahun 1929.