1940 George Washington Silver US Quarter (Philadelphia Mint) Uang Koin Perak Amerika Serikat Quater Dollar

The 1940 George Washington silver quarter was minted in the city of Philadelphia to the tune of 35.70 million (which include proofs which there were 11246 made).  There are relatively common compared to the 1940 D in which there were only 2.797 million struck.  These coins have silver in them, in fact .1808 ounces (or 5.6325 grams) for each.

Take a look at a 1940 Philadelphia minted George Washington silver quarter that is in the images below.  The obverse has the USA’s first President facing left with LIBERTY at the top.  The back has the American eagle on a perch with E Plurbius Unum (one out of many) to the left.  This one is particular would grade very good perhaps a G8.

Have a glance at our 1940 Denver Quarter here.

1940 silver Washington Quarter Philadelphia mint

1940 25 cent silver

Koin Kuno tahun 1940

back of a American quarter from the 40s

Koin Perak kuno koin Quarter Dollar US bergambar wajah mantan president  Amerika Serikat “Mr George Washington” tahun cetak produksi pada th 1940 dicetak di kota Philadelphia Mints, kondisi bagus , Harga silahkna kontak, Terima kasih,