1940 Greek 10 Drachma Banknote

We shall talk about a 10 Greek Drachmai banknote from the year 1940 in this posting (which is featured in the photos underneath).  This old paper money from Greece has a picture of an ancient coin featuring the Greek mythological goddess Demeter (of harvest) on the obverse’s left hand side.  The front side’s patterns are pleasant to the eyes with the underprint in green, brown and grey coloring.  The serial number appears on the top right hand side.  The reverse or back side has an image of the Academy of Athens, a regarded educational institution.  It was started in 1926 (though the building existed since the mid 1800s housing other themes) inspired by the ancient Platonic University.

Our 10 Drachmas banknote from Greece appears to be in uncirculated condition.

Uang kertas kuno 10 sepuluh Drachmas dari negara Yunani tahun 1940.