1940 Mercury Dime US 10 Cents

Here we are going to talk about a 1940 Mercury Dime Aka Winged Head 10 cents.  Check this 90% silver coin out in the images at the bottom.  The front has the face of Liberty in this case wearing a cap with wings on it.  This perhaps symbolizes the idea of freedom of thought, speech, expression etc.  Lady Liberty’s history on US coins is great with many appearances.  The first one being in 1793 on the flowing hair large cent and on the capped half cent. She is still featured today on coinage like the Silver Eagle.  The back of the Mercury Dime has a fasces on it with an olive branch that goes around it and the ONE DIME denomination.  This was meant to show that America will fight when necessary but also prefers peace.  All in all it is a great design and perhaps my favorite on a 10 cents US coin.

We have a 1940 Mercury Dimesilver coin from the Philadelphia mint shown here in the photos.  This one is in great shape I would say that it is extra fine grade.

Koin Kuno Perak Sepuluh Cents Tahun 1940.

1940 Mercury Dimeone dime 1940