1940 S Washington Silver Quarter Coin

The United States mint struck silver Washington quarters in San Francisco in the year 1940.  This particular coin (that we have one which can be viewed by looking at the pictures below) is not the most common date with a mintage of only 8.24 million.  The example we have would be graded a low good like g4.

George Washington was the first President of the United States of America as well as the great military commander of the colony forces during the American Revolution.  Under his leadership America won the war and independence from England.  He was the only US President in history to be elected unanimously by the electorate.  Though he was a man of great power, he never used opportunity to increase it which he could have after the war was won (or could have run for a 3rd Presidential term).  He is highly regarded by scholars and citizens always appearing in the top 3 positions in surveys of  best US Presidents.


1940 s quarter

1940 San Francisco silver Quarter

obverse of a 1940 US Quarter Dollar

Koin Kuno Perak dari Amerika Washington Quarter


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