1941 Dutch Netherlands Silver 10 Cents Coin Mata Uang Dari Negara Belanda Koin Perak Kuno 10 Cent

In 1941 the Dutch produced silver ten cents coins and they have .0288 ounces or .816 grams of the precious metal in them.  They have on their obverse Queen Wilhelmina I of the Netherlands (who was in power from 1890 until the year 1948).  On the reverse is a wreath inside of which is the denomination of 10 cents as well as the year of 1941.  Bear in mind that some Netherlands ten cents had other metal compositions including zinc.  Now these coins look different, in particular they have a design with tulip flowers and dots on the front.  The back of the zinc coin has the denomination between branches.

See a Dutch 10 cent silver peace that we have in the proceeding pictures.  This particular one that we have is in almost uncirculated condition.

Koin PERAK kuno antik Mata Uang Asing Dari Negara Belanda Netherlands Koin Perak Kuno duit tua jaman dulu uang logam 10 sepuluh cent tahun 1941 bergambar Ratu Belanda yang bernama “Wilhelmina Koningin” 10 Cents 1941 Der Netherland, Kondisi seperti Baru tidak terlalu banyak tersentuh oleh tangan , gambar angka dan tulisan-nya terlihat sangat jelas dan timbul bagus, Untuk hanga silahkan anda bisa kontak kami langsung via e-mail atau kirim sms ke no telepon yang telah kami sediakan di contact phone & email, Terima kasih,