1941 Greek 2 Drachmai Banknote

We will be talking about a 1941 Greece 2 Drachmas banknote in this posting.  It is a quite petite note perhaps because of its small denomination and its front is adorned with a picture of an ancient coin.  The coin appears to be an image of Alexander III of Macedon better known by his name of Alexander the Great.  He is considered one of the greatest military commanders of all time as well as one of the most successful conquerors.  The serial number of this banknote is in red near the top right of the obverse side.  The back of this paper money has large number 2’s and another picture of an ancient Greece coin.

Take a look at our 1941 Greek 2 Drachma banknote in photos below.

Uang Kertas kecil dua Drachmas dari negara Yunani tahun 1941.