1941 Newfoundland One Cent Coin

Newfoundland was a colony of Great Britain and then a Dominion before eventually becoming part of Canada in the year 1949.  At one time it had its own currency, the Newfoundland dollar and cent subdivisions.  At one time it had gold coinage as well as silver.

Below you’ll find photos of a coin that I don’t see very often and it is a 1941 Newfoundland 1 small cent.  It is made from bronze and has on its obverse and image of King George V (his reign was from 1936 until 1952) who was the last king of the British Empire and first overseer of the Commonwealth of nations.  The reverse side of this Newfoundland one cent has a pitch plant splitting the year date.  There were approximately 800,000 of these made and there were 2 people involved with creating the design who were Percy Metcalf (the front design) and Walter J. Newman (the back ).  This particular specimen that we have is in very fine grade.