1942 French 1 Franc Coin

The French issued a 1 Franc coin in 1942 which can be examined at the bottom of this entry.  On its obverse side is a doubled edged ax with grains of wheat on each side.  Below the ax are the words Etat Francais which in English means French State.  This is what the Vichy French (who were pro to the Axis powers during WWII) government referred to itself.  They were ousted from power after the Allied invasion in 1944 and General Charles de Gaulle formed a provisional government.

The back of the 1942 one Franc coin has the words: travail, famille, patrie which in English means work, family and fatherland.  This was a Vichy motto.  Also on the reverse are oak leaves in the middle of which is the value and below that is the year.   It is made out of aluminum and there were 152.144 million of these produced in the year 1942.  This coin we have would likely grade almost uncirculated.