1942 Silver Half Dollar Walking Liberty Coin Uang Logam Kuno Koin Perak $1/2 Setengah Dollar Koin Liberty Tahun 1942 Mata Uang Dari Negara Amerika Serikat USA

The Walking Liberty silver half dollar is one of the most renowned designs in American coinage.  It has lady liberty in stride with the sun rising on the obverse and the reverse has a impressive take on the an American Eagle.  This coin was created by Adolf A Weinman and was utilized on the 50 cent piece from 1916 until 1947.  The image on the front of the coin was renewed in recent times with the advent of the 1 ounce Silver Eagle which was started in 1986 and is still made.

In the year 1942 the Philadelphia mint produced 47.8 million Walking Liberties including 21,120 proofs, Denver (D) made 10.9 million and San Francisco struck 12.7 mil.  All in all it is common date year for this coin where even mint state specimens shouldn’t be hard to come by.

See the following pictures of an example of a 1942 silver half dollar walking liberty that is in very fine state.

1942 Silver Half Dollar Walking Liberty1942 Silver Half Dollar Walking Liberty

½ Setengah dollar mata uang dari Negara Amerika Serikat $$$ US Dollar Koin perak uang logam kuno antik gambar depan foto lady Liberty lagi berjalan dan beliau lagi membawa/memegang bunga tahun produksi untuk tahun 1942 dibuat dikota Philadelphia USA, gambar belakang burung Elang-Eagle bird. United States Of America Half dollar silver Walking Liberty coin year 1942. Kondisi-nya sangat bagus sekali gambar dan tulisan-nya sangat timbul jelas.  Koin ini 1942 silver half dollar walking liberty Philadelphia Mint,