1943 D Jefferson Nickel US Silver Coin Koin Perak Kuno Dari Negara USA Lima Cents

Here we will look at a silver 1943 D Jefferson Nickel 5 cents piece.  In this year the D mint made 15.294 million of these which is a somewhat less of a production than comparable war nickels.  This coin is partially made out of silver, in fact thirty five percent of it is made out of the precious metal.  It has precisely .05626 ounces of silver included in it.  Most of the rest of this coin (56%) is of the metal copper and the remainder Manganese.  As you may have noticed in the photos below ours is not the greatest looking example.  Perhaps it may grade in the very good, V8 range.  These coins unfortunately (maybe because of their metal composite) do not take to wear very well and often look like this.

Jefferson Nickels feature third President of the USA Thomas Jefferson on their obverse.   He is well remembered for his contributions to early America including his role with the Declaration of Independence, the Louisiana Purchase, state’s rights and use of the Marines in the Barbary Wars including Tripoli.  The back of the these nickels have Monticello which was the self-designed home of Jefferson and is a very nice historic place to visit (located in Charlottesville, Virginia).

1943 D Jefferson Nickel


This 1943 D Jefferson Nickel looks like a very fine grade.